vrugtehagel (often shortened to hagel or vrug) is an active Dutch mapper and occasional highscorer. He has played both 1.4 and 2.0. vrugtehagel started with the 1.4 version in 2006. When Nv2.0 came out, he began playing it until about 3rd quarter of 2014. Since 2014, he sparsely returns for an uncertain period of time. hagel is well known for adding ", sir" at the end of most titles of his maps.

Mapping Edit

vrugtehagel used to be a relatively active map-maker, and is most recognizable for utilizing bugs and glitches in many of his maps. Some of his most popular creations are: For TheBlackWolf, sir (n-art), Move it, sir (bugs level), Gotta catch 'em all, sir (hard).

He is considered to be the founder of ghost blocks. His tutorial for making them can be found here.

Playing Edit

(As of October 25th, 2015)

vrug had mostly played user levels, but achieved some good scores on metanet levels too. He has 10 metanet top tens (placed 60th), 2 top fives (placed 42nd) and 27 points (placed 63rd).

N-CodeEditor Edit

vrugtehagel also created his own program - N-CodeEditor[1]. It's not super advanced, but makes the ghost blocks and teleport blocks easier to create.

Notes Edit

  1. The website tends to be disfunctional.