VotedStraw is an inactive, retired highscorer. He is most known for his extensive Metanet scores, and his rivalry with EddyMataGallos on those boards.

VotedStraw was revealed to (almost certainly) be the alias of the NReality underclocker and speedrunner FDan, by EddyMataGallos on the Metanet Forums.

Not much else is known about VotedStraw.

Metanet Edit

(As of October 25th, 2015)

VotedStraw has fallen a long way from where he was when he retired, in 2013. He used to be one of EddyMataGallos' main competitors, but since he has lost many 0ths. He currently has 22 metanet 0ths (4 tied) ranking him 7th. He has 186 top 10s (8th on the rankings), 138 top 5s (ranked 7th) and 1265 total points (8th) He is ranked 6th in average rank rankings, with 3.199th.

He was notable for his extremely clean runs, which is how he gained many of his 0ths.