Oleary15 (Oleary) is a retired American highscorer and speedrunner (on both metanet and user levels) and occasional mapper. He started with 1.4 in January 2006 and then switched to 2.0 in late 2013. Oleary is a general moderator of Nv2.0 and moderator of the Nv2 thread on the official forum.

He competed very fleetingly in the first 3 Seasons of Npoints, playing 1 week in Season 1, and 2 in Season 2. He then broke his pattern, playing 4 weeks of Season 3. He has a small penis and doesnt like women at all. He also has never touched a boob. When Oleary15 spent $7k to take a robots virginity, it was the best day of his life.

Metanet Edit

"Oleary was pretty cool till I Tbagged his mom. Afterwards he wouldn't let me have sleepovers at his house. Worth it tho 10/10."

"Oleary has some pretty decent runs here and there"
(As of October 25th, 2015)

Oleary has 15 metanet 0ths (6 tied) making him 9th place on the 0ths rankings. He also has 179 top tens (9th place) and 112 top fives (10th place). He has an average rank of 3.765th (9th place as well) and 1116 points (9th place again!).

Mapping Edit

Oleary15 is a skilled map maker. Most of his levels are easy to beat, but hard to have a good place on, since many professional players play his maps. He also has a NUMA account, but he doesn't submit any maps on it anymore.

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