Npoints is a weekly competition, founded by Johan1996, and run by multiple other users.

How it works Edit

Npoints runs weekly, with 5 maps by various users uploaded by the official account, which changes per season. Entry for the contest is as simple as playing one of that week's maps and placing in the top 10. Maps are uploaded on Monday and points are tallied on Sundays. Maps in Npoints are created by an assortment of Community members.

Each level is titled as follows, depending on the season and which week it is: "[SxWy] Made by <author> <map title>" (where x is the season number and y is the week number ). The [SxWy] tag is intended to make searching for the levels easier, as is the changing of accounts each season. 

Points are allocated as follows:

  • 0th = 10 points
  • 1st = 9 points
  • 2nd = 8 points
  • 3rd = 7 points
  • 4th = 6 points
  • 5th = 5 points
  • 6th = 4 points
  • 7th = 3 points
  • 8th = 2 points
  • 9th = 1 point

Management Edit

Npoints was created by Nahoj, who ran the first season. Following this, he handed the reigns to THUNDER, who ran it solo for Seasons 2 and 4 (Season 3 was co-run with shomman). Season 5 was run by BtoasterBoy (XandoToaster) and shomman

Results Edit

Season 1 was won by EddyMataGallos. The runner-up was Gabe The Squirrel.

Season 2 was won by shomman. The runner-up was acran.

Season 3 was won by shomman. The runner-up was BtoasterBoy.

Season 4 was won by pzylL. The runner-up was BtoasterBoy

Season 5  was won by swipenet. The runner-up was golfkid.

External links Edit

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