Meta_Ing (often shortened to Meta) is a retired highscorer and mapper, renowned for his pulling off of difficult tricks and high level of skill. He was one of the few 1.4 players to stick around on Nv2, and was ever-present on the IRC, although usually away from keyboard.

Mapping Edit

Meta's maps were of exceptional quality and considerable difficulty. A few of his maps were created to test different tricks, such as his Quintuple BBJ map, however he also published full-scale maps, such as Mechanical Incohesivity, and his collab with BtoasterBoy.

Metanet Edit

Meta_Ing has a small presence on Metanet, with only 23 scores and a single 0th, 09-3 (tied).

He has previously held many tied 0ths, however all bar of the aforementioned have been lost, primarily to cooperverdon. Some of his ex-0ths include 53-4, 86-1, and 95-3.