kkstrong is an inactive highscorer who originated from 1.4, where he has played N since its first years. He, much like Zapmeister, started playing Nv2 and eventually appearing on most of the metanet levels and taking many of them just a while after Nv2's release. After making a big impact in the highscoring part of the game, he suddenly disappeared in 2014. That affected his achievements, making him lose quite a bit of his 0ths and fall off the leaderboards of many levels.

Highscoring Edit

(As of October 25th, 2015)

kkstrong has 12 metanet 0ths, 3 of which are ties (ranked 10th). He has 401 top tens and 197 top fives (ranked 3rd and 4th respectively). He collected 2084 out of 6000 points (ranked 5th). His average rank is 4.803th (ranked 12th). He was noted for the vast amount of scores he got, rather than their cleanliness or skill.