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Grandmaster is a term that refers to the player who has the most Metanet 0ths. As of 2016, there have been 3 grandmasters of Nv2, and the title has changed hands four times in the game's history. The first grandmaster was EddyMataGallos, who held the title for almost 2 years and a month, before cooperverdon asserted his dominance in June of 2015. Following cooper's almost complete retirement from competitive highscoring, SpartaX18 became the third grandmaster in November 2015. The elusive title has been held by (in chronological order) EddyMataGallos, cooperverdon and SpartaX18.

Being an N grandmaster is considered to be the most prestigious title that can be earned by a player. There has been no real direct "rivalry" between players competing for the grandmaster title, as in both cases of a new grandmaster, the old one had retired and offered little to no resistance. Preceding cooperverdon's taking of the title, Eddy had completely stopped his Metanet activity in Nv2 to focus on NReality, which cost him losing the title. On June 14th, 2015 cooperverdon tied EMG to be a co-grandmaster, but this lasted just around few hours, due to SpartaX18 taking his tied 0th on 31-3: What else is on my mind grapes?. However, later the same day, cooper got his title back, by tying the 0th on that same level again. Followed by that and coop taking an other level just a little while earlier (which again made him a co-grandmaster), he finally became the pure grandmaster. The new champion extended his lead in the 0th count to a height of 216 0ths, but the 0th-taking spree ceased quickly and he retired from competitive highscoring soon after. In the months following this, cooper lost many top scores, primarily to SpartaX18, but also to oxymoron93 and shomman. Sparta's dominance after cooper's retirement resulted in him taking the title on November 26, 7:54 PM (GMT).

Grandmaster facts as of November 26th, 2015 Edit

  • The current grandmaster is SpartaX18 with 162 0ths, and he has a 1 0th lead over the 1st place 0th holder, cooperverdon
  • The longest consecutive amount of time as the grandmaster is EddyMataGallos with 757 days.
  • The longest cumulative amount of time spent as the grandmaster is EddyMataGallos with 757 days.
  • The most amount of 0ths ever held at one time by a player is EddyMataGallos with 357 0ths.
  • The grandmaster spot has changed hands a total of 4 times.
  • cooperverdon gained the grandmaster status twice in 24 hours.
  • It is believed that former 1.4 grandmaster trib4lmaniac coined the term "grandmaster", before skabrought the term into popular use several years later.