EddyMataGallos (Eddy/EMG) is a seldom-active Spanish highscorer. He is the former grandmaster of Nv2.0 and the current grandmaster of Nv1.4.

Metanet Edit

(As of October 25th, 2015)

EMG has 124 metanet 0ths (17 of them are ties) total on metanet levels. This makes him a player with the third biggest amount of 0ths (ranked 2nd) in Nv2.0. He's ranked 0th on metanet top tens rankings (550 top tens), on top fives rankings (486 top fives) and on points rankings (4336 points). His average rank is 2.116th (ranked 3rd).

Npoints Edit

Eddy actively played Npoints Season 1, and completely dominated, ending the season with a near perfect record of 0ths, on the weeks he played, and a lead of over 130 points. He played a few weeks of season 2, and placed 6th, but did not play season 3 at all.