cooperverdon (usually shortened to cooper or coop) is a semi-active Australian highscorer and a former grandmaster of Nv2.0. He is active on the IRC and semi-active on both forums.

Playing Edit

He competed somewhat competitively in all 3 season of Npoints, but did not play consistently, and often just played one of the maps that took his fancy one week. He came 7th in Season 1, 12th in Season 2 and 6th in Season 3 (tied with THUNDER).

cooperverdon won the category Player Of The Year in Nv2 Awards 2014.

Metanet Edit

cooperverdon is no longer very active on Metanet levels.

Cooper became Grandmaster of Nv2 on the 13th of June, 2015. He continued gaining 0ths for a few days, but then retired. He held the title for 166 days, until the 26th of November, when SpartaX18 took it from him.

He has a penchant for frame war levels and for un-maxing levels. Cooper has unmaxed a huge number of levels, and as such not all are listed. Below are some of the most notable.

00-1, 01-1, 01-2, 41-0 (which had completely max-filled boards) and 85-1 (which had 9/10 max-filled spots) and 01-4, which he innovated the route for.

Other achievements include a brief stint in which he held the 0th on every level of the first 2 episodes, but yet this was lost on the same day as it was achieved. However, on June 14, 2015, cooperverdon retook all the levels from those episodes and currently holds 1 episode ownage - 00 (with his earliest obtained current 0th being his 6914 (currently 6915) run on 00-0: straight forward). Taking these ownages secured him the grandmaster spot over EddyMataGallos.