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Bounce block

(As written in the N in-game help)

It won't stop weapons, but it's kinda fun to jump on.

Bounce blocks are those white blocks hanging around. They won't stop enemies, won't block shots, won't divert anything, but they are solid and the ninja can't walk through them (sadly). They wobble when the player touches them, which is where the "bounce" part comes in. For some serious air on these things, the key is to wait until the bounceblock goes all the way down, and when it comes back up, jump. The player should go fairly high into the air.

Numerous bounceblocks combined with an extremely annoying enemy can cause some frustration in a level. A great example of this is 18-4: zenith, where there are a whole bunch of bounceblocks and a single homing missile turret.

The bounceblock can be used to pull of some useful jumping tricks - in fact, mastering these skills are quite vital in completing and mastering N. One of the most important is the double jump.