Andrew_99 (AKA TORNADO) is an active american mapper, as well as an semi-active member of the community. He is the creator of the weekly contest, "Tileset of the Week". He also made numerous maps for the other weekly competition, NPoints.

Tileset of the Week (suspended) Edit

Exposition Edit

Tileset of the Week (TotW) was a weekly contest run by Andrew_99. It was suspended mainly due to lack of engagement from other mappers.

Process Edit

Every week, Andrew would post a tileset on the Nv2 Forum, along with the corresponding level data. For the following week, anyone was allowed to populate the tileset with objects, and submit their level to the forum post. At the end of the week, the judges would decide which map was the best and post it with a special account. After the week was over, the other contestants are allowed to post their maps with their own accounts.